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Kevin Lee, Celebrity Wedding Planner & DesignerOur Team - BOLD Impact Events and Wedding Planners, Shelley Mitchell, Suly Sabina, Sulimy Sabina, Isabella Bella Schmidt, Dan Floyd, Jaclyn Mitchell, who is well known for his fabulous million-dollar luxury wedding designs, worked with our founder Shelley Mitchell on a Wedding Planning & Design Strategy so she and her team could bring CUSTOMIZABLE Full Planning & Partial Planning packages & services to fit the needs of most budgets.  

With Shelley’s business & financial expertise and the design expertise of our entire team, we can bring out your vision and plan the wedding of your DREAMS.

Did you know that it is believed that 80% of wedding pros/vendors, especially Wedding Planners and Coordinators, are part-timers and are “hobbyists” and/or have full-time jobs during the week?

Well, not at BOLD Impact Events & Wedding Planners!  This company is a full-service and full-time wedding planning and design & decor company.  Through working with Kevin Lee, we learned that no matter how brilliant one of us is, it still takes a great team for the magic to work!

We have an amazing DREAM TEAM of professionals supporting you throughout your entire planning process!

With UNLIMITED communications access to your team, you are a PRIORITY and not an afterthought or hobby to the company.

The biggest lesson I learned from working with Kevin Lee, even though he is a design genius, was when I asked him how he possibly kept all of his wealthy clients happy during the planning process, as I’m sure they MUST-BE demanding.

Kevin Lee told me something I will never forget.  He said we didn’t need to be perfect, we just needed to COMMUNICATE.  And ever since then, it’s been our number one focus.

And ever since then, you will see, it’s our biggest compliment in our reviews.  It’s what our clients LOVE about us! And over the years, we have continued to attract higher-end clients, who are kinder, more gracious, and a lot more FUN to work with. Those who trust us to really put our talents to work and really shine! Go figure…- Shelley  Mother of the bride testimonial Texas Wedding Planner Miami Wedding Planner Jill Durkee BOLD Impact Events

(Just like Jill D. there to the right, she’s one of my favorite Mother of The Brides!



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Photo by leophotographer.com, DJ by Frank Seretis Liv2Party Entertainment, Venue by Coral Gables Country Club, Florals by Enza (inquiries through us),  Gourmet Espresso by Cafe Ala Carte, other vendors listed in file


While BOLD Impact Events® & Wedding Planners will bring your VISION to life in a way you never imagined, unlike other planners, we have the BUSINESS experience and even a military combat background to GET THINGS DONE and to get it done RIGHT!


With our BUSINESS & financial expertise and acumen, unlike other planners, your planning process, budget, venue & vendor search, contract negotiations, vendor management, timeline, personal communications, entertainment, and complete design plans are managed based on the objectives we’ve set forth together right from the beginning.


We are a full-service company that provides complete consulting, planning, coordination, and design services for weddings & events, including speaker & emcee and officiant services. BEFORE WEDDINGS, Shelley was speaking all over the country as an Award-winning speaker and emcee.  We are also experts in education, teambuilding & informational events, conferences, seminars & workshops, corporate functions, fundraisers, custom training programs, and Speaker Training.



There is a 50% chance you either just requested a brochure looking for our packages or were about to.  That’s what brides or couples do.  And right about now, you think I’m crazy.  I may be a little of this and that, but when it comes to your investment, I’m 100% serious! 

Question:  When you reach out to venues, DJs, photographers,s or other wedding planners, they send you their packages, right?  

I was taught to create packages when I got into this industry and went to school to become a Certified Wedding Planner.  All wedding vendors have been taught to do this.  And you have been taught to ask for packages.


After managing multi-million dollar companies and their assets for hundreds of different owners and investors for 27 years, I learned how to do RFPs (Request for Proposals) to get multiple quotes/bids for projects and major expenses.  I know a $1,800 DJ may not compare to a $150,000 asphalt parking lot at a commercial building, but to you, it’s still an INVESTMENT!  I brought this same philosophy into the wedding business and used this for all of our clients in getting what we NEED for our clients with the best outcome for their investment.

Here’s a COMMON MISTAKE MOST COUPLES MAKE EVERY DAY!  You’ve got your venue, and you just booked your photographer.  Now you think you found the perfect DJ, and he sent you his PACKAGE!  You are EXCITED!!!!!

So why should you have to pay for “dancing on a cloud,” especially if the venue doesn’t allow it or why pay for 20 uplights if you only need 15? 

Dj says it just comes with it no matter what… But Oh wait. it gets better.  

If you don’t have a wedding planner who is experienced enough to know that you actually need 3 systems instead of THE ONE that comes in the package (or you only got a “day of coordinator” because you wanted to do it yourself), you are going to have one big expensive surprise during the last 3 weeks leading up to the wedding! 

In this case, you will have to ask your DJ to add two more systems and an additional wireless mic because “who knew to ask” that the venue had gone through rehab during covid. You didn’t know that the DJ actually needed additional systems because the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception were in 3 different locations too far away for the systems to be able to wirelessly communicate. The violinist your hired didn’t have her own wireless mic. Who knew???  

Now the DJ is pricing things out because he KNOWS YOU NEED IT no matter what… ALL just 3 weeks before the wedding.  Talk about STRESSSSSSSFULL!

This is why 50% of our clients hire us for FULL-PLANNING!


At BOLD Impact Events, we offer customizable packages for full planning (we do it all for you), partial planning (the TEAMWORK package), and Month-Of Coordination PLUS Decor & Design, and many other a la carte services to fit the needs of almost any couple and any budget.  

We do not have FLAT PACKAGE RATES.  Sure we have “about” prices.  But NO WEDDING is the same.  

We use 16 different points to estimate the cost of how we will work together. Why should you pay for something you don’t need?  And why should you not have what you really need and feel incomplete? 




Just A Few Ways We Are Different!


11 Ways We Are Different and What's In It For You!

1. You are our TOP PRIORITY!

Unlike 80% of other wedding planners and vendors who are hobbyists or part-timers who have other full-time jobs, BOLD Impact Events and Wedding Planners is a FULL SERVICE, FULL-TIME PLANNING Planning Company.  Clients have UNLIMITED COMMUNICATIONS with their planning team.

2.  We Don’t SPEND Your Budget, We MANAGE Your INVESTMENT! 

YOU SAVE MONEY!  With our unique BUDGETING process and expense tracking system, extensive Contract and Vendor Negotiation experience, exclusive access to our Preferred Vendor List with preferred pricing, and our team of in-depth venue and vendor researchers, you can feel CONFIDENT you are getting the best vendor, with the best service and the best price where often times, you could not obtain on your own!

3. We SAVE You TIME! We SAVE You STRESS! All through our unique process of PLANNING, BUDGETING, STRATEGIZING, MARKETING, SALES & COORDINATION. Whether you are having a wedding or another celebrational event or you are a business owner, speaker, coach, trainer, or events organizer, we have the extensive hands-on experience to bring your vision to fruition!

4. BE A GUEST at your own wedding!  We do it for you because SOMEONE HAS TO.  We’ve heard so many times that a “friend” or “mother” or ____(fill in the blank) is helping you plan the wedding and coordinating the wedding day.  Most of the time, it ends up being a disaster and if they did do a good job, they could end up feeling exhausted and resentful because they weren’t able to enjoy the wedding or enjoy themselves. We are the CLONE you always wished you had but EVEN BETTER because we do all the work.

FACT:  98% of couples who didn’t hire a wedding planner said they wished they had and if they had to do it again, they definitely would

5. We are one of the leading premium brands in the event planning and wedding planing business in South Florida, San Antonio, Texas, and beyond.

6. We provide COMPLETE CONSULTING and coaching services for education and information based events plus weddings and other personal events. (even for those who want to DIY Do It Themselves!)

7. Combined total of 50+ years of experience! Our planners and strategists are experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of experience working events, managing events and putting on their own events ranging from online webinars to networking events, to large fundraisers, to small one day workshops to weddings to fundraisers to large 3 and 4 day conferences.  Planners come and go every single year. 

Brand new, inexperienced, wedding planners pop up every day but there is no way for you to who they are.  With BOLD Impact Events and Wedding Planners, you can be confident knowing that we aren’t using you for “practice”.  Your ultimate experience is the only way on how we base our success.

Your successful event is our number one GOAL and we will definitely ask you for a testimonial/review once we are done because our clients are our best advertising and marketing we could ever do!

8. FOCUSED ON YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS!  Unlike most wedding planners in the industry, we DO NOT ACCEPT UNDISCLOSED COMMISSIONS OR BONUSES from venues or vendors.  Sure, we are in business to make money but our entire business model is very transparent and you will always get more intrinsic value from BOLD Impact Events than what you’ve paid for.  You get MORE than what you ever pay for…  Most companies receive money from vendors to recommend their services.  However, we bring our unique STRATEGIC experiences to the client and we are truly focused on the financial goals of the client unlike any other companies in the industry.

9. CUSTOMIZED PACKAGES FOR ANY NEED!  We are able to consult for the DIY client and provide them with a personalized plan and strategy or we can take over the entire event from soup to nuts.  Either way, every single client still has access to our exclusive Online Client Planning Portal to ensure success!

10. UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION!  While other Wedding Planners LIMIT the amount of communications time with their clients depending on the package they purchase, we actually LISTEN TO OUR CLIENTS and ensure their wishes are our TOP priority. We provide all of our Full-Planning Wedding Planning Clients complete, unbridled, unlimited communications with our team!

We’ve heard so many times from our clients that another planner “wasn’t their style”.  The biggest problem with this statement to begin with is that a planners “wedding and decor and design style” should have nothing to do with you, YOUR STYLE and your wedding!  We ask detailed questions and listen to your vision and what you ultimately want created,.  Then we craft a plan around YOUR STYLE, not ours!

11. ONE-STOP SHOP!  We PLAN it, we FIND it, we NEGOTIATE it, we TRACK it, we DECORATE and DESIGN it, we IMPLEMENT it, and we COORDINATE it!  With several different packages available, you can be involved in as much or as little as you want!  From Wedding Day-of Coordination and Month-Of Coordination to Partial Planning to Full-Service Planning where we DO IT ALL FOR YOU, there is a package designed just for you and will make your budget equally as happy.

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