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Shelley Mitchell, President and Creative Director, is a 2-time Combat Veteran, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s first FUN, FEARLESS, FEMALE, a nationally-recognized Speaker & Emcee, and an award-winning certified Business Growth Expert to include Event Planning, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Management, & Coordination. She is a certified Event Planner, certified Event Designer, and certified Wedding Planner.

Her passion and creativity are a powerful combination ensuring that BOLD Impact Events & Wedding Planners is the go-to aide for happy couples organizing their perfect day.

Her vision for the company is to remove any stress from the wedding planning process as well as using her years of experience and talent for negotiation and resourcing to save money and time from the sourced budget.



What's In It For You! (How We SERVE You)

1. We MAKE You Money! We SAVE You Money! We SAVE You TIME! We SAVE You STRESS! All through PLANNING, BUDGETING, STRATEGY, MARKETING, SALES & COORDINATION for businesses, speakers, coaches, trainers, events organizers, & brides (and other celebrational clients)

2. We are the CLONE you wished for but even better because we do all the WORK

3. B.O.L.D. = Budget-Savvy | Organized | Lasting-Memories | Detail-Oriented

4. Our mission is to provide professional and trusted event strategy, planning and coordination services that assist our clients in achieving their personal and financial goals as it relates to their event.

5. We are one of the leading premium brands in the event planning business in South Florida and beyond.

6. We provide COMPLETE CONSULTING and coaching services for education and information based events plus weddings and other personal events. (even for those who want to DIY Do It Themselves!)

7. Our planners and strategists are experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of experience working events, managing events and putting on their own events ranging from online webinars to networking events, to large fundraisers, to small one day workshops to weddings to fundraisers to large 3 and 4 day conferences

8. WE ARE UNIQUE as we bring our unique STRATEGIC experiences to the client and we are truly focused on the financial goals of the client unlike any other companies in the industry.

9. We are able to consult for the DIY client and provide them with a personalized plan and strategy or we can take over the entire event from soup to nuts.

10. We listen to our client’s needs and their wishes are our TOP priority.

11. We are a one-stop shop and your bottom line’s best friend!

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