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For the last several years, every time we found a vendor who had a really cool product or service, we asked if they’d partner with us our company, BOLD Impact Events & Wedding Planners, so we could offer special discounts and upgrades exclusively for your clients. Most of the time, they said YES! Sometimes, they had an affiliate or referral program already in place, and sometimes, they created one JUST FOR US!

Also, before Covid-19, I took advantage of attending every national-level wedding show, expo, and convention offered for wedding professionals. The Wedding MBA program in Las Vegas, Nevada, was terrific. Meeting David Tutera was pretty cool.

In addition, I’ve always made sure myself and my team had the best and most up-to-date training in the wedding industry provided so I could stay on top of the most updated information, styles, trends, services, products, knowledge, technology., and anything else I needed to know to ensure BOLD Impact Events & Wedding Planners is offering YOU, our clients the BEST possible services and products available.

In addition, when I see a trend of our current clients needing certain items or purchasing from certain vendors such as ZAZZLE, for example, I will immediately go out and do my best to sign up for an affiliate account to see if I can get exclusive discounts and upgrades for my clients.

So below is a RUNNING (but non-inclusive) LIST of the online services/vendors we have partnerships with to obtain discounts and upgrades for our clients, whether it’s pennies to hundreds! (we are still working on getting everything up, so please keep checking back)

If you do not see something you really NEED, then let me know ASAP so I can seek them out and tell them I NEED it 🙂

We have been building relationships with a couple of big dogs for over a year to meet their criteria to become an affiliate or referral partner for them. They have policies to NOT partner with wedding planners in the past because they either didn’t have a wide enough reach, enough clients, enough website traffic, and the list goes on and on.

You’d think that any company would give out coupons and discounts to anyone who asked for it, but affiliate marketing is a big business. Becoming an affiliate or referral partner with a worthwhile company to obtain discounts and upgrades for our clients comes with lots of strings to pull and hoops to jump through.

Companies like Kleinfeld’s, Best Buy, Walmart, or even Bacardi don’t just partner with anyone. They only put their eggs in BIG baskets. So when we find a reputable company, we think a partnership will benefit OUR CLIENTS tremendously; we will find out those requirements and get to work. We are focused on wedding-related companies, though. 🙂

By the way, if you are a company, like Generation Tux who was one of our Partnerships, that has a great deal you can offer EXCLUSIVELY for our clients, send us an email at with some additional info.

We’d love to hear what you’ve got to offer!

So, here’s your first CLIENT DEAL!  And we ALL KNOW you can find WEDDING EVERYTHING…… on ZAZZLE! 

Click Here on our Special ZAZZLE PARTNER LINK

Wedding Supplies on Zazzle, Wedding Coupon Discount Code for Zazzle



We've Been Chosen As A Partner By Azazie!

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