Wedding Tuxedo Coupons and Discounts for Grooms

By: Bold Impact Events

Generation Tux Wedding Tuxedo Coupons and Discounts for Grooms

Check out our wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms & Benefits exclusively for our clients

Wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms are hard to come by these days.  This is the very reason that here at BOLD Impact Events and Wedding Planners became exclusive partners with Generation Tux so we could score wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms, more importantly, our distinguished Groom and their groomsmen which included the Best Man, Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom and yes, even the Ring Bearer.

Most brides, just like most women, are always looking for a great deal!  They want the best value for the best price which is why they are always trying to find the best wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms.

Generation Tux

Wedding groom’s tuxedos are here to stay!

Over the years, tuxedos were a must-have for any wedding and then they started going out of style as we entered the wedding seasons with millennial grooms.  And now, our weddings have Gen X grooms which I believe is where Generation Tux comes into play.  Today though, the groom’s and groomsman tuxedos are here to stay.  This is why wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms that will meet your standards are very difficult to find.

No more rentals that look like they are from PROM 10 years ago!

However, gone are the days where we walk into a store and pick up a “rental” tux that is multipurpose.  You know what I’m talking about…  The classic or typical wedding tuxedo looks like it’s been rented a hundred times and also looks like something your older brother or uncle wore to prom or your best friend’s wedding; who is now in his 40’s. Don’t forget to check out below for your wedding Tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms.

Today’s groom has much higher standards

and believe it or not, a lot of millennial men are now buying their own tuxedos, without a tuxedo coupon or discount, to have in their closet for many years to come.  Tuxedos can be an investment in your career. Unfortunately,  grooms tuxedos as an investment are very expensive and costly though and isn’t usually an option when engaged couples are on a tight wedding budget. So, today brides are looking more and more for wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms.Generation Tux Wedding Tuxedo Coupons and Discount for Grooms

Grooms Tuxedos and Ryan Gosling

I conducted some research on my own so I would at least sound like I knew what I was talking about.  Of course, the first place I went to was GQ, and here’s what I found! Between Roger Federer being the best-dressed man at Wimbledon,  the “Bigger is better” style that made last year’s best-dressed list for the red carpet’s Golden Globe tuxedos and Ryan Gosling looking as hot as ever, I started swooning.  Okay, well that’s not the point.  This is for you guys so… Check out the black-tie section at GQ here for some great tips and info for men’s style.  GQ didn’t have any wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms but we do!  So keep reading!

Generation Tux exclusive partnership and wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms

So how can today stylish man find wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms without giving up style or risk looking like he’s going to prom 10 years ago?  That leads us to announce our new partnership with Generation Tux so we can take great care of our clients.  And to get wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms and our private clients at the same time providing them with some amazing benefits. Your tuxedo will be the best out there as far as style, price, and convenience so our grooms and their entire wedding party will look like they just stepped off the page of GQ or the red carpet with Ryan Gosling.  (was that too much? lol okay, okay) Okay, so here the deal and what we were able to score just for you, our private clients, and the best grooms around in our opinion.

As partners with Generation Tux and FOR YOU, we get exclusive discounts, in-home try-on for free, and other benefits for our clients like 20% off, some Grooms for free, free swatches, and more.

First, our personalized wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms code is:  BPBOLDIMPACT Below is a recap of our program and some resources for our clients in getting the most out of our partner program!

Our Perks and wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms:

  • Exclusive 20% off for our clients.
  • If the party has 5 or more renting, the Groom can still also qualify for his Free Rental!
  • FREE home try-on for the groom (yup, just order your try-on and they send it right to your home or office!  No more schlepping around the mall!)
  • FREE swatches for our clients (Guys, your brides LOVE swatches by the way because they want to make sure you match!). Also there is nothing worse than asking all of your guys to wear black tuxes and then the photos come out and it looks like everyone is wearing something different.  Your photos will look awful because none of the tuxes came from the same place.
  • NO measuring tapes needed… just check out Generation Tux’s fit process!. You’ll love the ease!
  • Garments delivered to you and your wedding party 14 days in advance with free delivery


You MUST USE the EXCLUSIVE LINKS below to get everything available to you  PLUS you will still need to use our wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms code of BPBOLDIMPACT

Link: CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR EXCLUSIVE PAGE AT GENERATION TUX Generation Tux  I can’t wait to see how handsome you look next to your groomsmen at the front of the aisle as well as the look in your eyes right when you see your gorgeous bride walk down the aisle!  My team and I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF!   To your love and success, Shelley, Jenna, Suly and the team at BOLD Impact Events & Wedding PlannersWe are so happy we were able to bring you these wedding tuxedo coupons and discounts for grooms!

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