A Note From Shelley

In the last couple of years, during our KICKSTART MEETINGS, I’ve started asking our new clients WHY they chose us, what made them call us and WHY did they HIRE us? 

What they told me came as a BIG SURPRISE!

(& I thought it was our pretty photos we spent so much time posting on Instagram)

I even asked our new clients “how many other wedding planners did you talk to or interview before you decided to hire us?

What came next really shocked me!

Most of our clients, especially those who are the most educated, professional, and the busiest, kept saying the same things, again and again, like…

“only ONE”, or “just you”, or “You are the only one we needed to talk to Shelley”, or “You were the only one with BUSINESS EXPERIENCE & FINANCIAL EXPERTISE out of all the wedding planners we looked at…” and “plus being a combat Army veteran, we knew you and your team would GET THINGS DONE

I’m so humbled every time I hear comments like these.

So much so that my team and I go beyond the call of duty to not only meet our client’s initial expectations but to blow them out of the water! (with a grenade if I still had one.. metaphorically speaking of course)

So this is the part of the “About Us” page where all of my Wedding Industry Training & Certification Programs advise me to tell you all about myself, my background, experience, training, credentials, and so on.  I’m supposed to tell you “MY STORY”. 

Well, as you can see, I tend to be quite wordy, so I’ll spare you those details for now. Instead, I’ll give you a link if you want to read up on me. I have done a lot of things in my lifetime some may even call “impressive”, but those closest to me often say “what the hell were you thinking!”.   Either way, it was at the expense of missing out on some of life’s other important things along the way.  Things I’m trying to make up for now.

What I can’t help bragging about is my amazing team!

Why?! First, no ONE human, not even Super Woman, could do ALL OF THIS on their own. 

Second, because if I had to PAY them what they are truly worth in passion, education, training, and experience, we’d go out of business. So thankfully for me AND for you, they are going to plan, design, coordinate, negotiate, communicate, and think outside the box to ensure we bring your VISION to life and put on the wedding of your dreams in a way you didn’t even imagine possible. – ALL because they love our clients and they love what they do!

SO UP NEXT!….Meet Your Team, a little “more” about me, Our Credential, our VALUES & how they serve you, and then an introduction to our SIGNATURE PLANNING PACKAGES!

and btw, they are all customizable!

Our packages aren’t anything like what you’d expect them to be or what you’ve seen before so you owe it to yourself to book a complimentary CONSULTATION with us, even if takes a couple of days to snag an opening.

I promise it’s worth it!

JUST CLICK HERE https://boldimpactevents.com/schedule-your-call/

+ check out some screenshots of texts from CURRENT & past clients, plus reviews & testimonials at the end


To you LOVE & Success!

Signature Wedding Planning Packages - BOLD Impact Events & Wedding Planners


What We Do


Day-of Coordination & Month-of Coordination, Partial Planning known as Teamwork Planning, and our Specialty – Full-Planning, plus much more!


We also protect your investment & Save You Money!

BOLD Impact Events and Wedding Planners DOES IT ALL FOR YOU and we CUSTOMIZE a package that works for you!  Our offerings include Day-of Coordination, Month-of Coordination, Full-Planning, Partial Planning, Wedding Decorating, Wedding Officiant, and much more!

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Full-Service Planning & Partial Planning

As the business-savvy wedding planners, we work with smart, professional, highly-educated, busy, brides, and engaged couples to plan, organize, and coordinate the event or wedding of your dreams.  BOLD Impact Events & Wedding Planners SAVES you TIME, SAVES you STRESS, and SAVE you MONEY! $.

We have FULL-SERVICE Wedding Planning packages where we DO IT ALL FOR YOU -AND- we also offer PARTIAL WEDDING PLANNING where work together as a TEAM!  We hold your hand, walk you through the entire Wedding Planning Process, have unlimited availability, and we give you access to all of our exclusive tools, resources, forms, and our coveted Preferred Vendor lists.


Day-of Coordination is included in our Month-of Coordination is service.  Day of coordination alone is impossible to do without extensive prep work to ensure your day is perfect. any experienced wedding planner will tell you that.

BOLD Impact Events® & Wedding Planners is unique in that we give our clients our undivided attention and full-service access to our team. We listen to your needs and work with you to create the event of your dreams. Your wishes become our command. So whether you want a Western, Eastern, or more traditional wedding, we make it happen with flow & ease. With Day-of Coordination, Month-of Coordination, Full-Planning, and more, we’ve GOT YOUR BACK!


Wedding Decor & Design

We are accredited with the Institute of Wedding and Event Design.  We also have many decor items and supplies IN STOCK and IN HOUSE so we can save you money by not having to pay top dollar rental prices through florists and rental companies!



We are a nationwide company with home bases in South Florida & San Antonio, Texas. We love to travel and can manage any event in the 50 states or abroad including Destination Weddings.

Not only were they interested in my wedding, but they were also genuinely interested in ME

“I loved how thorough my initial consultation was with BOLD! They really made me feel like they were interested in my wedding and would make it as stress-free as possible. They also did a great job of following up and answering any questions I had quickly and completely.”
Courtney T.May 15, 2019


Experienced in all types of Weddings and Events

BOLD Impact Events and Wedding Planners has experience planning a wide range and types of weddings including:

  • Indian weddings,
  • Multi-cultural weddings,
  • Jewish weddings,
  • Christian weddings,
  • Muslim weddings,
  • Hindu weddings,
  • Spiritual weddings,
  • Pagan weddings,
  • Non-denominational weddings,
  • Beach weddings,
  • Rustic weddings,
  • Destination weddings,
  • Gay weddings,
  • Lesbian weddings,
  • LGBT weddings,
  • Universal weddings,
  • Vow renewals,
  • Wedding Anniversaries,
  • Military weddings,
  • Commitment ceremonies,
  • and much more.


Are we the right fit?

About BOLD Impact

What We Do – Day-of Coordination as part of our Month-of Coordination, partial planning which we call teamwork planning and our specialty which is Full-Planning where we do everything for youp

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