Your Wedding Guest List – How to get contact info for your invitations

By: Bold Impact Events

Hello Beautiful Bride to Be!

I have a secret “hack” to capture your mailing addresses and phone numbers for your guest list to address your wedding invitations.

Once you complete this, and you are one of my planning clients, I will then show you how to download the list and upload it to my system so we can work on your guest list together.  (and seating charts, and RSVP’s, and much more.)

The Knot App – how to create your unique contact capture link

  • Download the KNOT app
  • Log into your Knot account from a computer, not a mobile device
  • Hold your mouse over “planning tools” which is to the far left
  • Scroll down and click on “guest list”
  • In the black box to the left, scroll down about a third of the way and click “collect contact info”
  • Click “copy link” and
  • then send the link with a quick note via text or email to friends and family who you want to invite to your wedding (but you haven’t entered all of their contact information)

Your guests will then use this special link to type in their info and voila! – It’s in your guest list AUTOMATICALLY!

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